Alexis has said that I should wear an Costume" Serena Turns Into a Minion

Serena Williams Is An All-Rounder in the real Sense. While we are all aware of her blunders on the Tennis Court, She Has Created a niche for Herself in The Business World.

In addition, she has managed her professional and personal life well.

The 23-time Grand Slam Champion Often Takes time from her busy schedule to enjoy quality time with her husband and Daughter.

Serena Williams's amazing surprise gift for Olympia, her child. 

The American legend has taken to Instagram to share a number of posts in which she could be seen in the form of a minion, in order to surprise her daughter.

What did Serena make clear during the interview.

Serena told her, "Hey, so I'm in the bathroom of the theaters for movies and Alexis has told me

that I ought to wear costumes for the film It that seemed like a great idea a few days ago. But now I'm like"What did I think?

 Olympia's reaction.

In the next moment, when Serena was running before Olympia wearing the minion costume

Olympia laughed and said, "I see you, I'm seeing thee!" Serena's husband, Alexis Ohanian, told her, "It's a minion.

Serena is set to lose her home she grew up in.

This month, it was brought to be known it was discovered that Williams sisters father.

Richard Williams' Florida mansion, was placed up for auction in order to settle the obligations of his estranged wife Lakeisha Graham.