Arnold Schwarzenegger to Venus Williams Athletes who became vegan

Veganism is the latest trend and it's not just the people who are affluent but also the legendary athletes follow the same path. We will look at some athletes who have gone vegan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he'd been predominantly vegan over the last five years.

The bodybuilding champion stated that he ate around 80 percent plant-based foods and that helped keep his cholesterol at a minimum.

Venus Williams.

One half of the wildly successful tennis duo of sister Venus Williams has been fuelled by plants since the year 2011.

The tennis pro switched to a plant-based diet after she was identified with the Sjogren's Syndrome an autoimmune condition.


At the 34th year of his life, Djokovic should be nearing retiring from tennis However, he's in the top position at his sport.

We believe it's because of his diet that is vegan keeping his body strong.


FIFA Women's World Cup Champion and Olympic gold medallist Alex Morgan is now a strong advocate for the plant-based diet that can boost athletic performance.

In addition, Morgan was named PETA's most gorgeous vegan celebrity of 2019 along with his fellow competitor Kyrie Irving.


This may not be a surprise to many vegans, since Hamilton is the owner of his own fast food chain that's vegan establishments, Neat Burger.

Hamilton is a vocal supporter of animal rights. He changed to plant-based eating following his Netflix documentary What the Health.