Big Brother 24 Live Feed - July 14 New Update Big Brother 24

Big Brother 24 Houseguest Paloma aguilar leaves game Unexpectedly , Just Before the The First Live Eviction.

Rival Paloma Aguilar was kicked out of the competition and has played before the first live expulsion of players because of "private issues".

Julie Chen declared during the Thursday, July 14 live episode of expulsion.

Films showed her struggling to rest in her home and her mental health appeared to suffer a lot over the past few days.

Fans noticed from the beginning of the 13th of July, Wednesday that the remodeler of the home 22-year-old was not visible in the stream for about two hours.

Then, she began to speculate it was possible that she had been in the upper journal room, along with other people from the beginning.

Paloma has been the target of brutal criticism on the internet via entertainment for her remarks regarding particular houseguest Taylor Hale.

Some of these were shown in the Wednesday night show, which included her calling the beauty therapist as the beauty therapist as a "lying bitch.