Five times Floyd Mayweather proved he is the richest boxer in the world

Money Mayweather is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle and big moves in the octagon. Here's a list highlighting some of the most expensive items.

Floyd Mayweather has bought or spent his money on, from private jets to everyday items.

Lavish Meals

Mayweather's chef stated that he pays him $1000 per meal, which means that for four meals in one day, he pays $4000 to his chef.

 Expensive Haircut

Jackie Starr, Mayweather's barber, once stated that he charges him $1000 per haircut. This is roughly $2000- $3000 per week.

Private Gulfstream G450 Gulfstream G450 Jet

Money Mayweather owns a G4 private plane that can carry around 14 people. It is estimated to cost around $40 million.

 Louboutin Shoes Collection

Louboutin Shoes are his favorite brand. They range in price from $895 to $3,000 and many of them are limited editions.

Millions of Dollars on Cars

Everyone knows about his passion for cars. He owns a red Enzo Ferrari, which was a limited edition car that cost $670,000. He also owns two Bugatti Veyrons (worth $1.6 million each)

one Bugatti Gran Sport ($3 million), two Ferrari 458 Spiders (360,000 each), a Porsche 911 Turbo S (205,000), a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (350,000), and a Lamborghini aventador (390,000).