Floating pool with a victim of Hurricane Ian becomes viral

Incredible video shows a woman swimming hopelessly in an inflatable pool after Hurricane Ian,

a Category 1 hurricane on Thursday evening, swamped her home.

As viewers concerned for her safety and questioned why she was at home,

a video of her makeshift flotation device from user @bigbe44 has accumulated more than 40 million views and 5 million likes on TikTok.

@sunflowervibes80 on Tiktok

Omg!!!! Please be careful.

@k4554ndr4 on Tiktok

I've utilised rafts in the past. This happens frequently in Florida during hurricane season.

@erikhill613 on Tiktok

Why on earth didn't you go already?

@bigbe44 on TikTok

Beth's condition is still unknown.

However, the storm victim shared a follow-up video yesterday that was shot from inside a pitch-black home and in which she begs for help from the public.

This past week, a former Category 4 hurricane battered the Southeast coastline with gusts of 150 mph and waves that reached 12 feet high,

flooding houses and leaving millions of Floridians stranded and without electricity.