King Charles bodyguard has fake hands according to conspiracy theory

Not just King Charles III "sausage hands" are drawing attention online.

A disturbing new conspiracy theory claims that the new monarch's karate choppers are a hoax

after a bizarre footage showing the bodyguard holding the future ruler's hands in an odd manner went viral.

Viewers of one TikTok video are wondering if the hands of the security detail are genuine.

One of King Charles'

bodyguards may be seen adopting the identical static stacked-hand pose while walking with the monarch outside Cardiff Castle in another popular video shared by @kevhead22.

It goes without saying that the TikTok commentariat had its own hypotheses,

with some suggesting that the hands may have been dummy hands used to lure criminals away from their real hands, which were holding their weapons.

@abigibbons04 on TikTok

His hand isn't moving, allowing him to draw his revolver more quickly in case something happens.

@lordswoldemort on TikTok

Gee, can you image the royal guards always having their finger on the trigger?

@44mart on TikTok

Some individuals have too much free time.

Security experts, however, have now rejected the fake hand argument.

Will Geddes a former bodyguard with thirty years of experience

They most certainly are not fake hands.It is not a strategy that is employed in the UK at all.

Security personnel may employ a variety of various gimmicks and antics to ensure the safety of high-profile persons, but this would not be one of them.