LeBron James By Nicki Minaj and Additional NBA Players Mentioned in Rap Songs

LeBron James is not unfamiliar with the practise of mentioning an NBA player by name in a song as a method of expressing admiration for the individual.

Over 75 tracks feature performers paying homage to the King in some way. These are only a few songs where musicians have paid tribute to LeBron James,

including "Don't Hurt Me" by DJ Mustard featuring Nicki Minaj and Jeremih and "Fitted" Cap by Rick Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill.

Here are several rap tracks where Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and others have made mention to LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and other athletes.


A number of songs use LeBron James' words, including Nicki Minaj's "Blazin" featuring Kanye West and DJ Mustard's "Don't Hurt Me."

Michael Jordan

the song "Encore" Rapper:Jay-Z Year:2003 It's not to play games with you when I return like Jordan wearing the 45; rather, I'm aiming for you.

Stephen Curry

Musician: Fat Joe Name of song: "All the Way Up (Remix) I recently dropped the largest check, and everything cleared.

after everyone wrote us off earlier this year I'm Steph Curry in the clutch, I guess. Go all the way up in this Royal Elite's shot.

Shaquille O'neal

Name of the song: "Gimme The Loot" Biggie Smalls, a rapper Year:1994 Lyrics: "When it's time to get a meal, I rob and steal. I'm pounding suckaz like Shaquille, S*** is real."