The Reason Why Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Match Cancelled

The most anticipated fight between Jake Paul has seen many bumps and apprehensions. It has seen everything from Tommy Fury withdrawing from the fight,

to the cancellation of the Paul fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. fight. What else does this fight will bring, let's dive in to discover.

 What is it?

Rahman Jr who is the son of the former world heavyweight champion. Hasim Rahman, who was named the replacement in event that Tommy Fury withdrew from the Fury Paul vs Paul fight.

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr Cancelled.

Paul and Rahman Jr was pulled back because they set to take on the weight limit of 200 pounds. However, Rahman didn't follow the rules and the fight was ended in a rematch.

Paul Called Him Out

"The Problem Child' released a video on Twitter where they say the opinion that Rahman did not behave professionally by not delivering on his pledge of lifting weight.

Paul was willing for a fight with Rahman Jr at 205 pounds however Rahman rejected the proposal and stated that he wanted be fighting at 215 pounds.

 Rahman Jr. Responds

Rahman Jr accepted signing the contract for 200 pounds the middle of July, but stated that his body was not ready for it.

Rahman was also quoted as saying that If Paul is able to defeat him with a 230,, why not 215? He also talked about his previous sparring sessions with Paul.