The US Secret Service Text Messages Breaking News 2022

The Inspector General found it was discovered that US Secret Service text messages were erased on 5 January.

The group expressed its his concern with officials from the US Secret Service team investigating the text messages that were deleted.

He also states that the president Donald J. Trump believed that he ought to be brought into the Capitol by agents the same day.

The parent agency of the Secret Service has also stated that a number of agents had their texts erased in exchange for a part of a tool-programme.

Following the inspector general's visit, they even prayed for him in the course an investigation of events that took place on January 5th.

The House Homeland Security Committee reported that they received an official letter by the inspector general on Wednesday,

informing the committee of the deletion of US Secret Service text messages.

The decision to delete the US Secret Service text messages was prompted by a letter written by Rep.

Benny Thompson, Democrat of Mississippi to both the 6 January committee as well as to the House Homeland Security Committee.

Mr. Thompson also said in an interview that "it is concerning," and that "it is vital for us to have an understanding of the reasons this discrepancy occurred.