Won't Burn Out. Serena's Winning Streak once made Chris Evert retract to her words

Currently, Serena Williams Is going through a slump in her career, since she hasn't won a Grand Slam Title In Over five years.

Incredibly, she faced a similar situation prior to the 2007 season, when she was battling a Grand Slam drought.

At the time, American Tennis Legend Chris Evert critiqued Serena for not focusing on Tennis, but instead focusing on a variety of off-court commitments.

But, Serena Made A Strong Return In 2007. After seeing that, Evert Took Back Her words as she praised Serena for her achievements.

Chris Evert once took back her comments regarding Serena Williams' on-court commitment.

Evert stated, "It's opened my eyes not to be judgmental , and to be open to everyone's own. Whatever you find to make you feel happy.

If you have other interests it is possible that you don't burn out as quickly.

What did Evert compose in her Letter to Serena.

I don't think acting or designing clothes could compete with the pride of being the top tennis player on the planet," Evert wrote in her letter to the world.

Serena's return to the spotlight in 2007 was her comeback.

In 2007, at the Australian Open, Serena beat the world no.1, Maria Sharapova, in straight sets, to take home her debut Grand Slam title after 2 years.

While she didn't win another title during 2007, Serena displayed an impressive consistency.

Serena's success in the upcoming season.

The following season, Serena won the US Open. In addition she also took home her the Wimbledon doubles title, as well as she also won the Olympic Gold medal with her sister venus.

Can Serena beat the record of Margaret Court?

Presently, Serena is arguably the most dominant tennis player of the present day, winning the record of 23 Grand Slam singles titles.

She is also aiming to win his 25th Grand Slam title at the age of 40. She is attempting to equal Margaret Court's record of.